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Taroko National Park: The construction of trail maintenance starts on May 3, 2022, at Dekalun Trail and Shakadang Trail. Please pay attention to trail construction controls for safety.

  • Updated:2022-05-02
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Taroko National Park Headquarters will conduct the Dekalun Trail and Shakadang Trail railings and trail pavement improvement project. Dekalun Trail will be closed from May 3, 2022, to September 8, 2022. Visitors are permitted to take the trail south of the Taroko terrace from Sub-Taroko Division Police Station (The Ninth Division, the Seventh Special Police Corps, National Police Agency). The trail will lead visitors to Taipower Water Pipe route bond for Dali-Datong Trail.

Shakadang Trail: Railing and trail pavement improvement construction projects will be carried out from May 3 (Tue), 2022, to June 16 (Thur), 2022, between the 1.6 km (the barrier gate after Wujiawu) and 3.8 km section. The section of the trail will be temporarily closed during this period. The first section of the trail (from the trailhead to Wujiawu 1.6 km) will remain open. Please return from Wujiawu (5D Cabin) to the trailhead (starting point).


In the case of inclement weather, the above construction periods may be altered or postponed; if so, the Park Headquarters will announce any changes on its official website.