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Chinese New Year Holiday February 6 – 8, 2019 - Provincial Highway 8 Traffic Control Info

  • Updated:2019-01-08
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Chinese New Year Holiday February 6 – 8, 2019 (2nd to 4th day of Chinese New Year) - Provincial Highway 8 (Central Cross-Island Highway) Traffic Control Info


During Lunar (Chinese) New Year 2019, Taroko National Park is offering a free park shuttle bus service. Additionally, traffic controls will be implemented along part of Provincial Highway 8. During the above traffic control period, no cars will be allowed to enter.


Traffic Control Area: between 187.5 km (Taroko) and 169.3 km (Tianxiang) on Provincial Highway 8 and Provincial Highway 9 (Old Highway section to north of Jinwen Bridge).

Traffic Control Period:

(1) Taroko to Tianxiang: 07:00 – 15:00, February 6 – 8, 2019

(2) Tianxiang to Taroko: 07:00 – 15:30, February 6 – 8, 2019


Regarding (2) of the Traffic Control Period (Tianxiang to Taroko): Traffic will be allowed to pass during the traffic control period once a day at 11:30am for 30 minutes only. Passing vehicles are not allowed to stop at any point along Provincial Highway 8.  


Exceptions to traffic control:

A: Shuttle buses and public buses, Middle-sized (20 seater) and large-sized (40-seater) buses are allowed within a certain quota (see D for details). All other four-wheeled vehicles are prohibited from entering during the Traffic Control Period.

B: Local residents, workers operating within the control area, and highway maintenance unit personnel, and emergency repair vehicles. Please bring relevant ID to be allowed into the Traffic Control Area.

C: Tourists staying within the Traffic Control Area (at a B&B, hotel, or hostel). Please show relevant reservation documents to be allowed back into the Traffic Control Area after 12:00pm. Tourists are allowed to exit at any time; however, re-entrance is only allowed after 12:00 pm.

D: A maximum of 80 buses (any combination of middle- and large-sized buses) are allowed into the Traffic Control Area at any one time. Buses should go to Xincheng railway station to apply and receive an entry permit on-site upon exchanging an ID card. The ID card will be returned upon returning the entry permit.

Information regarding the free shuttle bus service:

(i) Taroko National Park Headquarters will provide a free shuttle bus service during February 6 – 8, 2019 (2nd to 4th day of Chinese New Year) between Xincheng Railway Station and Tianxiang on Provincial Highway 8.

(ii) Arriving via car: Please drive to either the 184 km marker on Provincial Highway 9 (Xincheng [Taroko] Railway Station) or the 187 km marker on Provincial Highway 8 (Taroko Gas Station) to take the free shuttle bus.

(iii) Arriving via train: Please take the free shuttle bus to enter Taroko Gorge at Xincheng Railway Station.