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Changchun Shrine Old Road, Baiyang Parking Lot and Heliu Campground Temporarily Closed for Repair Works

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Changchun Shrine Old Road, Baiyang Parking Lot and Heliu Campground Temporarily Closed for Repair Works 


To improve Park safety, Taroko National Park Headquarters has scheduled land/rockslide prevention between the Old Changchun Bridge and the New Changchun Bridge old Highway 8 section and for the Baiyang parking lot and the Heliu campground facility repair. Therefore, the above mentioned areas will be temporarily closed. Please take note and abide by these control measures.


Details of site closure due to land/rockslide prevention and facility repair are as follows:


  1. Changchun (Eternal) Shrine old road section closed: Land/rockslide prevention tunnel installation will be carried out between Old Changchun Bridge - Central Cross-Island old highway 8 section – New Changchun Bridge from 9 (Wed) September to 24 (Sat) October, 2020. Visitors will still be able to enter Changchun Shrine observation platform and return via the same route back to the highway 8. Due to the limit road space of the west of Changchun Tunnel on the Central Cross-Island Highway. Turn right are not permitted for the 20-sitter buses while the buses are leaving the Changchun Shrine area.
  2. Repairs on the Baiyang parking lot will take place from September 1st to October 9th, 2020. During the parking lot closure period, visitors are advised to park their cars at Tianxiang parking lot. The restrooms are opened for the public to use at Baiyang parking lot.
  3. Repairs for the wooden staircase on the Heliu campground will take place from September 1st, 2020 to September 30th, 2020. During the closure period, visitors will be able to use the parking lots and restrooms at Heliu campground.


Taroko National Park Administration stated that in the case of inclement weather, the above construction periods may be altered or postponed; if so, the Park Headquarters will announce any changes on this website.

News issued by Taroko National Park Headquarters