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Executive Yuan's and Taroko N. P. HQ Preventative Measures Info and Notices for COVID-19 (June 1)

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Executive Yuan's and Taroko National Park HQ Preventative Measures Info and Notices for COVID-19 (June 1, 2020)


1. The Central Epidemic Command Center has recently eased restrictions on COVID-19 screening to now allow tests for work, study abroad, and other specified factors at their own expense. 


2. Self-financed screening is limited to one test for every 3 months. Please refer to the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control website for specific application requirements. 


3. Masks will be open for sale from June 1, and the eMask Online Ordering System (9 masks every 14 days) will continue to function. 


4. Starting from June 1, the mask export ban will be fully lifted, with no restrictions on amount, frequency, nationality, and relationship of recipient to sender. 


5. Hospital visitation restrictions will be relaxed for intensive and respiratory care, pediatric and psychiatric wards, and hospices. Please contact the hospital to confirm their current regulations before visiting. 


6. Hospital restrictions will be relaxed for visiting those with physical and mental disabilities, in critical condition, or requiring stays of more than 7 days. Please contact the hospital to confirm their current regulations before visiting. 


7. Don't forget to file your income tax during the pandemic prevention period. The deadline has been extended to June 30, 2020. You can utilize the internet to file your income tax. If you file your income tax on-site, please wear a mask to cooperate with pandemic prevention measures.


8. Those under home isolation or quarantine may submit a request to their local health bureau in order to attend a funeral of a first or second-degree relative or visit such relatives who are seriously ill.


9. Inbound travelers should stay at a quarantine hotel after entering Taiwan if they live with elderly people who are 65 years old or older, children 6 years old or under, persons with chronic diseases (such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or lung diseases), or persons who don’t have a separate living area (including a separate bathroom).


10. During the pandemic prevention period, there should still routine vaccines for children to make sure they remain healthy.

11. Do NOT believe or spread rumors, or pass along fake official documents as this could result in a maximum fine of NT$3 million.

12. Don't go to the hospital unless it is necessary. Please visit the sick through online chat.


13. During the home quarantine period, if one feels unwell, please contact a local health center and follow the instruction for seeking medical treatment.


14. Restrictions measures for direct cross-strait flights as well as the ban on foreign traveler entering Taiwan will be extended. The CECC states that lifting the restrictions will depend on the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic.


15. The face mask rationing system will not call you. Please make any reports to the 165 anti-fraud hotline.


Importance notice of the Preventive Measures for COVID-19 at Taroko National Park Headquarters:


To prevent the spreading COVID-19, Taroko National Park Headquarters is taking the following precautions:

1. Tourists who have a fever, cough or related respiratory diseases, should wear a face mask at all times.  

2. To assist in pandemic prevention, 75% ethanol alcohol and liquid hand soap are also provided in the indoor visitor center’s exhibition hall and service stations.


3. To prevent the risk of COVID-19 transmission, there are extensive cleaning and disinfecting measures for the office areas.


4. Tourists are requested to cooperate with Taroko National Park Headquarters with all relevant pandemic prevention measures.

5. Everyone is responsible for pandemic prevention. Protect yourself and protect others.


Taroko National Park cares about you!




For the latest COVID-19 related news, please check the Centers for Disease Control, Department of Health, R.O.C.(Taiwan) website. Or call the free epidemic prevention hotline #1922 or 0800-001922 for inquiries.