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Taroko National Park HQ Briefing Room will not be available starting February 28, 2020

Updated:2020-02-27 189

Taroko National Park HQ Briefing Room will not be available starting February 28, 2020


The Taroko National Park Management Office was informed on February 25 that two foreign nationals, Dutch and Japanese, who were under the 14 day home quarantine, were found driving from Nantou to Hualien via the Central Cross-Island Highway. They were stopped by the police in Tianxiang. Due to entering the Taroko National Park Area, extensive cleaning and disinfecting measures took place at Hehuanshan Management Station and Tianxiang Management Station. To increase public safety and minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission, the multimedia briefing rooms will not offer the introduction briefings starting from February 28, 2020

In response to epidemic prevention measures, workers at each visitor center will strengthen independent health management and take daily temperature measurements. Workers are required to wear a mask while on duty and cooperate with epidemic prevention agencies to assist in epidemic prevention. In addition, 75% ethanol alcohol is also provided in the indoor exhibition hall of the visitor center and management station.

In order to reduce the chance of multiple people congregating in a confined space, Taroko National Park Headquarters has decided that the briefing rooms of the Taroko Visitor Center, the Bulowan Management Station, and the Tianxiang Management Station will suspend the multimedia presentations starting February 28 (Friday). Closure of these facilities will continue until the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus subsides. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.