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All trails within the Ecological Protection Area reopened from 05:00, 27 August 2019

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All trails within the Taroko National Park Ecological Protection Area and other controlled zones officially reopened (except Zhuilu Old Road) from 05:00, 27 August 2019.

Basis: Article 19 of the National Parks Law / Natural Disasters Prevention Act.

In detail: 

1. Routes reopened:


Qilai (Main/North Peak, Range from North to South Peaks, South Peak, East Ridge); 
Nanhu (out-and-back to Nanhu Cabin, North Section 1); 
North Section 2 excluding Mt. Wuming cliff (Y-route, Mt. Shuan/Mt. Lingming, Mt. Shuan Day Ascent); 
North Sections 1 and 2 traverse excluding Mt. Wuming cliff;  
Bilu-Yangtou Traverse (Mt. Bilu Day Ascent, Mt. Yangtou Day Ascent, Bilu-Yangtou traverse); Other non-traditional routes.
Mt. Qingshui; 

2. Zhuilu Old Road (out-and-back to 3.1K); this trail officially reopened from 07:00 am, 28 August 2019.

3. Due to the persisting low pressure circumfluence above Taiwan's mountain areas from Typhoon Bailu, areas with steep slopes are particularly prone to landslides and collapse immediately after a natural disaster (e.g. earthquake, typhoon). Please pay special attention to your surrounding conditions (e.g. rockfall, felling wood, loose or collapsed ground, flood-prone areas) and err on the side of caution.