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Lushui and Baiyang Trails Partially Opened at 9:00 am 24 April, 2019

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Lushui  and Baiyang Trail Partially Opened at 09:00 on Wednesday 24 April 2019: 

A: Lushui Trail
Sections of the Lushui Trail are open: specifically, the first half km from the Lushui entrance (~0.5 km) and from the Heliu entrance to Diaolingbei (Commemorating Spirits Monument) (~1 km). The cliff section of the trail is closed; please avoid entering this section for your own safety.


B: Baiyang Trail Partially Opened

(A) The first portion (0 km - 0.9 km) of the Baiyang Trail is open from the trail entrance to the first observation deck. There is still significant risk of rockfall beyond this point; please avoid travelling beyond this point for your own safety. (B) There are no public toilets on this trail; visitors are able to find public facilities at the Baiyang Parking Lot or Tianxiang Recreation Area. (C) There is a risk of rockfall on this trail. Please pay particular attention to your own safety, and consider bringing a hard hat (borrowable at Xipan Service Station at 179.3 km on Provincial Highway 8 at no cost) and a flashlight for tunnels along this trail.

C: Lushui-Wenshan Trail Opened entirely 5.5km  

We will keep monitoring our environment and trails in the Park. When trails have been repaired and safe, we will soon open.The latest highway and trail opening conditions, please consult News > Road & Trail on our website. https://www.taroko.gov.tw/en/Event/HighwayCondition