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Hiking Trails within the Ecological Protection Area reopened from 00:00 23 April 2019

Updated:2019-04-22 Viewing Count848
Official Announcement announcing the re-opening of hiking trails within the Park Ecological Protection Area from 00:00 23 April 2019 onwards. Specifically: 

1. Complete list of routes reopened: Mt. Qilai (North/Main peaks), Mt. Qilai (thru-trek), Qilai South Peak, Qilai East Ridge, Mt. Nanhu (out-and-back), North Section 1 (Mt. Nanhu - Mt. Zhongyangjian, North Sections 1-2 (thru-trek), North Section 2 (except the Mt. Wuming - Mt. Wuming West Peak section), Mt. Shuan - Mt. Lingming, Mt. Shuan (single-day ascent), Mt. Bilu (single-day ascent), Mt. Yangtou (single-day ascent) Mt. Bilu - Mt. Yangtou (thru-trek) Mt. Qingshui, Zhuilu Old Road (out-and-back at 3.1 km)

2. Regarding the earthquake on 18 April 2019, steeply-sloping areas are particularly prone to rockfall and landslides immediately after a natural disaster (e.g. earthquake, typhoon). Please pay special attention to your surrounding conditions (e.g. rockfall, felling wood, loose or collapsed ground, flood-prone areas) and err on the side of caution.