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Provincial Highway 9 traffic control information June 25th - June 29nd

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Provincial Highway 9 traffic control information June 25th  - June 29nd
The 140.2km ~ 140km+ 670m  Wuta section  of Provincial Highway 9 will be under construction for improvement of the slope stabilization. The construction begins at 8am –170:00
Construction traffic control period: June 25th, 2018  - June 29nd, 2018. 
Traffic Control Schedule: 08:00am - 17:00pm
Passage time: Not predetermined - accessibility depends on construction conditions.

Please pay attention for own safety. In the event of an earthquake or a week after heavy rains, please do not enter the mountain road. Plan ahead before your trip. Have a safe and pleasant journey!

Road Repair Unit: Directorate General of Highways, Nan’ao Maintenance Office TEL: 03-9982161 & Hualien Maintenance Office TEL: 03-8230570

News issued by Directorate General of Highways, MOTC, The fourth Maintenance Construction office & Hualien Maintenance Office

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