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Provincial Highway 14A(Jia) road closed tonight(19:00 - 7:00am tomorrow morning)

Updated:2018-03-08 Viewing Count1112
The road closed info applies to Provincial Highway 14A(Jia) between Cuifeng and Dayuling from 19:00(March 8), 2018 to 7:00am(March 9, 2018).
The road (restricted for access) closed is in effect for Provincial Highway 14A(Jia)- the Wushe branch road of Central Cross-Island Highway. Due to higher chances forming ice on high mountain road during the night time, Provincial Highway 14A(Jia) is closed precautionary between Cuifeng(at 18km) and Dayuling (at 41km for highway marker) for tonight.
Road Maintenance Unit: Directorate General of Highways, Puli Maintenance Office, Contact phone: 049-2802066  Puli Maintenance Office contact phone: 049-2802030
Road users who are travelling from Hualien through Provincial Highway 8(traversing through Taroko gorge) and change Provincial Highway 14A(Jia) via Dayuling to Puli(Nantou) and Taichuang would be affected by this road closed section. Due to the higher chances of ice on the high mountain road, Road users are advised to obey this road closed info.