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Provincial Highway 9 traffic controls info for December1-31, 2017

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1.At 164k +700m close to Heren section- The tunnel construction work traffic control, Control period: Novermber 16, 2017 to December 15, 2017
control during day time: 08:00am – 18:00, traffic lighting control: each time open one direction’s traffic. Control during night time: 18:00- second morning 02:00am
Passage time: Hourly open for ten minutes. No traffic control during weekend and public holidays.
2. Provincial Highway 9 at 112.6k, 124.05k, 144.7k, 146.2k, 147.1k, 148.4k, 154.6k, 164.7k, and 171.32k are having repair construction works. The randomly traffic controls are apply to abovementioned spots.

3. Due to the continuously heavy rains, it has caused Provincial Highways at 114.37k(Jioguonli section) second rockslides. The road has been reopen at 7:00am on December 4(Monday), 2017. The traffic control will apply for Slope Stabilization Work initially.
Traffic controls: passage every two hourly when the traffic has been cleared. Traffic control period: December 4 – 22(including public holidays and weekends). It will let go all cars and large vehicles for every passage.
The passage time: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, and 16:00.
Road closed during the night time: Su’ao to Dong’ao seciotion, from 18:00 to the second morning 7:00am (According the weather report, it turns dark around 17:05. The visual effect is bad during the night time.)

News issued by the fourth Maintenance Construction Office, Directorate General of Highways, MOTC, TEL: 03-9962683
Nan’ao Maintenance Office TEL:03-9982161
News Posted by Taroko National Park Headquarters