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Zhuilu Old Road Admission Fees

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1.Zhuilu Old Road entry fees begin from 16 March 2017 with full charge ticket for NT$200; discount charge ticket for NT$100 (students; age of 6 to age under 12); free of charge for children under six years old.
2.First apply for the entry permits (https://npm.cpami.gov.tw/en/index.aspx), print out, and then buy the tickets at Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou) Trail East Entrance. With your Tickets, Park Permit, Police Permit, and Zhuilu Old Road Convention you are ready to go for the check-in booth for entry.
3.Flow Chart

(1)Please produce your entry permits and the preferential documents before the purchase of tickets; those who haven’t finished the entry permit procedure shall not buy tickets nor enter the Zhuilu Old Road.
(2)On-site tollbooth provides only Same Day Tickets with no refund. Advance tickets are not available. One ticket is for one person only.
5.Preferential documents for free / discount tickets (including foreigners):
(1)Free of charge:
①Under 6 years old: documents such as household registry, health ID card, or passport.
②Official execution: documents such as work permits, official letter and so forth.
(2)Discount tickets:
①Age of 6 to age under 12: documents such as household registry, health ID card, or passport.
②Students: documents such as valid student ID card (including foreign students).
6.Tickets sale & entry check-in time: every day from 7:00 ~ 10:00 a.m.
7.Transportation advise:
(1)Bus: from Hualien Railway Station, Xincheng Railway Station or Taroko Visitor Center, take the Taroko Tourist Shuttle Bus (1133) or Taroko Electric Bus (302) and then alight at Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou) bus stop.
(2)Cars: stop by Highway No.8 at 178.1k (Swallow Grotto Trail East Entrance), you are at tickets sale and check-in booth.
8.The local Taroko, Sediq indigenous tribes require no permits, please carry your ID card for entry.