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Items Prohibited in Taroko National Park

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Items Prohibited in Taroko National Park
(Legal foundation: Article 13, National Park Law and Ministry of the interior official letter Tai Nei Ying Zi No. 1060809651 on July 13, 2017)
1.No burning of vegetation or setting fires to clear land
2..No hunting animals or catching fish
3.No polluting water or air
4.No picking or removing flower or any other vegetation
5.No engraving, sketching or defacing trees, bark, stone or signs
6.No littering of fruit skins, paper or any other materials
7.No driving outside of designated areas
8.Any conduct prohibited by the national park authorities.
Other Prohibited Items in Taroko National Park announced by the Ministry of the Interior are:
1. Display, sale, transportation and storage of protected animals, plants and minerals from hunting and collection, or specimens or products made from these are prohibited.
2. Carrying hunting rifles, ropes, nets, traps, cages, electric batteries, poison or other hunting equipment to capture, kill, harm or poison wild animals within the Park is prohibited.
3. The setting of a booth, peddling around or engaging in an exhibition or performance is prohibited.
4. Land filling, land preparation or dumping of earth or gravel is prohibited.
5. The placement of religious facilities, memorial monuments, plates, graves, posting advertisement, mobile advertisements, placing or hanging road signs and banners or other facilities obstructing the scenery is prohibited.
6. Unapproved loud noises, campfires, cooking, barbecues, grass sliding, swimming, river tracing, rock climbing, camping, tents, broadcasts or the usage of buzzers, the operations of controlled machinery (cables), etc., in non-designated areas are prohibited.
7. The disposal of PET bottles, Styrofoam, plastic products, metal products, food waste and other items of waste difficult to naturally decompose in non-designated areas is prohibited.
8. The ignition or burning of firecrackers, fireworks, joss paper or other items endangering public safety is prohibited.
9. Parking a vehicle at will which impacts traffic is prohibited.
10. Any damage to public property and facilities is prohibited.
11. The abandonment or release of animals, or feeding wild animals is prohibited.
12. Entering to the prohibited areas with prohibition signs, or to the Zhuilu Old Road without a permit approval is prohibited.
13. Bringing pets into the Ecological Protection Area, Archeological Protection Area, and special Scenic Area (excluding along the roadside) is prohibited.
14. Altering the approved route, schedule, and campsite when accessing the Ecological Protection Area is prohibited. This does not apply to cases of avoiding an emergency.
15. Entering into the Park’s trails not yet opened to the public, or wandering off of the existing paths is prohibited.