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Prohibited activities within the Taroko National Park

The penalty for violating the regulations is a fine from NTD600~3000.

  • Display, sale, transportation and storage of protected animals, plants and minerals from hunting and collection, or specimens or products made from these are prohibited.
  • Carrying hunting rifles, ropes, nets, traps, cages, electric batteries, poison or other hunting equipment to capture, kill, harm or poison wild animals within the Park is prohibited.
  • The setting of a booth, peddling around or engaging in an exhibition or performance is prohibited.
  • Land filling, land preparation or dumping of earth or gravel is prohibited.
  • The placement of religious facilities, graves, posting advertisement, mobile advertisements, placing or hanging road signs and banners or other facilities obstructing the scenery is prohibited.
  • Unapproved loud noises, campfires, cooking, barbecues, grass sliding, swimming, river tracing, rock climbing, camping, tents, broadcasts or the usage of buzzers, the operations of controlled machinery (cables), etc., in non-designated areas are prohibited.
  • The disposal of PET bottles, Styrofoam, plastic products, metal products, food waste and other items of waste difficult to naturally decompose in non-designated areas is prohibited.
  • The ignition or burning of firecrackers, fireworks, joss paper or other items endangering public safety is prohibited.
  • Parking a vehicle which impacts traffic is prohibited.
  • Any damage to public property and facilities is prohibited.
  • The abandonment or release of animals, or feeding wild animals is prohibited.
  • Entrance to the forbidden areas with prohibition signs, or to the Zhuilu Old Trail without a permit approval is prohibited.
  • Bringing pets into the Ecological Protection Area, Archeological Protection Area, and special Scenic Area (excluding along the roadside) is prohibited.
  • Altering the approved route, schedule, and campsite when accessing the Ecological Protection Area is prohibited. This does not apply to cases of avoiding an emergency.
  • Entrance into the Park's trails not yet opened to the public, or wandering off of the existing paths is prohibited.
  • Setting up memorial monuments, plates, or other memorial facilities without approval is prohibited.
  • Incitement of social or political activism is prohibited.